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Life & executive coaching, at your service

We utilize consulting interventions such as retreats, surveys, telephone / branch assessments, corporate diagnostics as well as training & coaching interventions to inspire your staff to achieve the perceived impossible. We also diagnose the root cause of productive behaviour and root cause of sabotaging behaviour . We help develop strategy & systems for repeat performance of the productive behaviour and elimination of toxic/sabotaging behaviour.

We provide training, consulting,
coaching & therapy products
that will add value to your organization


We help individuals in institutions clarify their goals and we guide them to navigate their way towards the accomplishment of these goals. We organize one on sessions using questions rather than instructions to get the individuals to arrive at the desired destination. Our coaching model has been described as the most effective tool for leadership


Whilst coaching looks forward, therapy looks backwards. We help staff of companies identify the root cause of limiting self sabotaging behaviours. They get to meet with a professional (therapist) to resolve problematic beliefs, feelings and emotions which often are the root cause of stagnancy and self sabotaging behavioural traits that affect staff performance at work.


We help our clients discover the root cause of their workforce related problems; providing them with tailor made solutions. We are engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people working in professional fields.  The services we offer involve advisory and implementation services. As consultants, we take an independent and unbiased stance on issues; looking out for the best interest of our clients


We have solutions aimed at bettering the job performance of individuals and groups in any organizational. Our solutions form part of an organisation's talent management strategy and is designed to align group and individual goals and performance with the organisation's overall vision and goals. We offer various training products which range from technical to soft skills.

Some awesome companies we've had the pleasure to work with

  • A must have experience! A training that makes you aware of a part of you that you didn’t know existed or was important and shows you how to be more in charge of your emotions & self.

    Olotu Opeyemi - GT Bank
  • It's like I've been sleeping, not having a clue on a number of things, but this training has opened my eyes.

    Sanusi Yakubu - AMCON
  • It is very educative in the sense that Emotional Intelligence gives the capacity to understand our own feelings and that of others which is needed by all and sundry

    Oluwatoyin Abimbola - Union Bank
  • Awesome! This training should be repeated every six months to ensure follow up and improvement in every sphere of one’s life!

    Olumide Badaru - Mansard
  • The application of this training would drastically change one’s life.

    Baderin Adebambo - Union Bank
  • Extremely insightful, fun and highly interactive!

    Eniola Oshodi - Mansard
  • It is a practical training and every union bank staff must attend.

    Rafiu Momoh - Union Bank
  • A wow experience! Interesting & mind touching!

    Okunfeyiwa Hope - Mansard
  • It was an awesome and life-changing experience. It started reflecting during the training.

    Tokunbo Omotola - Union Bank
  • Fascinating!

    Odusanya Adetola - Mansard
  • I am now able to differentiate between personality types and how to relate understand them better.

    Adekunbi Olumuyiwa - Union Bank
  • Revealing & educative!

    Tola - Mansard
  • WOW!!! The training just speaks to every aspect of my life.

    Obi-Obueze Nwamaka - Union Bank
  • I realize I've been sleeping but now I'm awake to my job, and I MUST do well in all ramifications.

    Auta Audu - AMCON
  • I would recommend this training!

    Onwordi Patricia - Mansard
  • It’s the training I’d love to attend always.

    Ayodeji Agbelusi - GT Bank
  • With what I learnt, I can make improvements on my attitude towards work and be more dedicated.

    Musa D. Abubkar - AMCON
  • Very beneficial & eye opening!

    Elfreda Eregie - Mansard
  • Fabulous!

    Michael Dukor - GT Bank
  • Now I know that in every problem lies an opportunity that I can explore.

    Evans Essien - AMCON
  • The training was enlightening and life transforming. It’s so empowering and it has propelled me to take specific actions that I am sure will make me a better person.

    Deinma Charles - Union Bank
  • By what Mr. Bankole taught us, I can improve myself. I recommend him to facilitate our next trainings.

    Aliyu Abubakar - AMCON
  • It’s a training that brings out the potential in you, discovers what you’re not using and shows you how to use it.

    Oshinunga Olusile - GT Bank
  • The best training experience so far!

    Adedoyin Akinyede - Mansard
  • Compulsory for everyone!

    Bashua Seun - GT Bank
  • The training was insightful and has opened my mind to mind blowing ideas and changes!

    Dayo Fasan - Mansard
  • It’s by far, my best training. Very interactive & I learnt enough to improve, not only my job, but my personal life.

    Dolapo Adebiyi - GT Bank
  • It was truly an eye-opening, mind re-orientating programme.

    Igwe Inoocent - Union Bank
  • Impressive. Commendable. Worthwhile.

    Faruq Okunola - GT Bank
  • Been blaming everybody but myself. Now, I will take responsibility and change.

    Prince Ezekiel - AMCON
  • A landmark event in my life!

    Idoko Negedu - GT Bank
  • Before the training, I was nowhere in terms of future planning, but now, I know I'm going somewhere.

    Emmanuel Ugwu - AMCON
  • A life changing experience!

    Muokwe Jeanine - GT Bank
  • A very interesting and useful course both for the organisation and private life. Could help to shape one’s behavioural pattern.

    Armstrong Nzeh - Union Bank
  • I’m glad I was nominated for this course as it has enlightened me on the power of my mind and how I can be a more emotionally intelligent person.

    Aderinola Adesiyan - GT Bank
  • Mind blowing & eye opening!

    Seun Fasoranti - Mansard
  • Expository an Inspirational!

    Helen Ayodele - Union Bank
  • Awesome! Captivating! Eye opening! Mind blowing!

    Nkiru Igwe - Mansard
  • It is an eye opener.

    Nwobiara Kalu - Union Bank
  • Very impactful, different from all previous trainings. Really motivated me to achieve my dreams!

    Omotola Lawson - Mansard